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The use of tantalum,Guest Posting molybdenum, tungsten and other high melting factor metallic, fabricated from the correct form of the evaporation supply, the weight at the cloth to be evaporated, in order that air go with the flow through, direct heating of the evaporated cloth evaporation, or the cloth to be evaporated into the alumina, beryllium oxide and different oblique heating in the evaporation crucible, which is the resistance heating evaporation method.

Evaporation the use of resistance heating heater coating system shape is simple, low price, dependable, not too excessive melting point may be used for evaporation coating substances, in particular appropriate for coating pleasant necessities are not too excessive quantity Winchester 209 primers of manufacturing, So some distance, the aluminum replicate continues to be extensively used within the manufacturing of a resistance heating evaporation system.The downside is resistance heating: heating the maximum temperature can reach is restrained, a shorter heater existence fluid. In latest years, for you to enhance the life of the heater, home and global long life of boron nitride has been synthesized the use of the conductive ceramic cloth because the heater. According to Japanese patent reviews, can be 20% to 30% of the boron nitride and its section can be shaped through melting of the refractory material to provide crucible, zinc oxide and the floor coated with 62% to eighty two% of zirconium, and the final for the zirconium silicon alloy material.Evaporate plating method of electron beam evaporation source. Water will evaporate into the metallic crucible substances, direct electron-beam heating, the evaporation cloth gasification evaporated film condensation on a substrate surface, the vacuum evaporation coating generation is an important heating methods and improvement. Electron beam evaporation to conquer the overall resistance heating evaporation of many shortcomings, particularly for production of excessive purity skinny film materials and movie melting point materials.Rely on vacuum electron beam evaporation deposition approach, electron beam evaporation supply below specific paperwork, may be divided into the ring gun, immediately photographs, e-type weapons and different forms of hole cathode electron gun.Ring gun is fired through a round cathode to the electron beam, the focusing and deflection to play within the crucible after the steel evaporation fabric. Its structure is particularly easy, however the energy and performance isn’t excessive, essentially just a laboratory device, the tool is currently in production is now not in use.

Axisymmetric gun is a directly line speed gun, electrons from the cathode filament, together into a thin beam, elevated through the anode coating fabric to fight manipulation inside the crucible melting and evaporation. Straight a few hundred watts of strength from the gun to have a few hundred kilowatts, Titanium dioxide and some may be used for vacuum evaporation, and a few may be used for vacuum smelting. The disadvantage is that the gun straight evaporation materials will pollute the gun structure, balance difficult to run, whilst launching the get away of sodium ions on the filament and different pollution can reason the movie, maximum currently through the West to have a look at, in exit of the electron beam deflection magnetic subject settings, and elements of the filament product of a separate exhaust system fabricated from a modified form of the gun immediately, now not handiest will the filament absolutely dry on the membrane fouling, but additionally help improve the existence of the gun.E-type electron gun