About me:

For my whole life, I've been motivated by the values of fairness, the common good, equity, and human dignity. Right now, I believe there's growing unfairness, lack of equity, and assaults on human dignity and the common good.

Equity, fairness, human dignity, and the common good are not well served when income disparity increases:
• In 2006, the median Canadian income went down to $24000;
• 40% of single mothers live in poverty; in fact 20% of all Canadian women live in poverty;
• At the end of 2004, 66% of Canadian families ran short of cash and had to borrow from their savings, if they had any, or, more likely from family, friends, their bank, or, most likely, their credit card.

It seems these days that it's ever so important to work hard for middle income and working families.

I've lived in Lethbridge almost my whole adult life-since I came here in 1968 to take a position at the University of Lethbridge.

Although I was busy as a university teacher, I volunteered for many organizations that address concerns of middle income and working families and their children.